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Plasma Cutting

Water Jet Cutting
In January 2013 we expanded our facilities and created a new cutting production unit.
Our brandnew Bystronic Classic L 6030 Water Jet Cutter...

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Our ESAB Combirex CXE-P 4000 Flame and Plasma Cutter can cut steel and other electrically-conductive metals - practically everything.

Using the plasma cutter benefits on a wide-range:

  • It has a very clean cut with no slag, and the surface of the metal outside of the cutting area remains relatively cool, which prevents possible warping and paint damage that can occur with other flame cutters.
  • Additionally, the small heat affected zone allows the use of templates for precise curved line cutting.
  • This machine cuts up to five times faster than traditional torches, and it does not rely on highly-flammable gases.

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