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Core Business

The focal point for Dommerby Stål A/S is to constantly increase the technological know-how and innovative perspective in order to fulfil and exceed customer expectations. This involves production of a number of custom-made solutions:
  • Containers
  • Custom Products
  • Easy Gripper
  • Internal Cabinet Systems
  • Lift Assistance
  • Mine Plough
  • Mine Roll Adapter
  • Rubber Tracks Lift
  • Engineer Stakes
  • Furthermore, our company is capable of providing worldwide services, rebuilding of vehicles, amour repair, reparations and upgrades.

  • Complete custom rebuild of interior cabin for armoured vehicles
  • Rebuild of crane for support vehicles from A1 to G3
  • Production and installation of RPG protection
  • Design and documentation tools in CAD 3D visualisation
  • Research & Development engineering
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Example: In co-operation with DALO, Dommerby Stål designed and produced various interior and exterior equipment for M113 G3/G4s deployed to Afghanistan.
    There was a delivery of boxes, brackets, cabinets, ballistic protection etc. - custom-made products in high strength steel, aluminium and other metals.


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